Work Out IS SINCE 2009, the first Brazilian laboratory to be accredited in this speciality. We have ability to calibrate masters of a wide range and types, with equipments, staff and processes audited by the Cgcre (Inmetro) according ISO/IEC 17025, international standard specific for labs recognized by ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation).

Our reference masters are periodically calibrated abroad with traceability to UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service and PTB (German Institute of Metrology)


Our services are executed with extreme responsibility and reliability, which allowed us to assure the preference of the most demanding customers over more than 25 years of activity.


Our tools are custom-built to customer's specifications and certified with a detailed certificate of compliance and traceability issued by our dimensional laboratory.

About us

Work Out was stablished in 1994 as a maintenance field service company representing reputed machine makers for the gear industry. Along two decades we installed more than 100 machines from makers like Klingelnberg, Oerlikon, Hoeffler, Liebherr, Froemag and Wenzel Geartec.

With the support of start-up angel, we set-up our own gear laboratory and registered at INMETRO services of master and gear inspection machines calibration.

In our new facility in São Bernardo do Campo, we manufacture gear tools of high precision in a controlled enviroment and a quality management system which has the target to exceed our customer´s expectations.


 Highly qualified staff

 Agility to attend customer´s needs thru a lean and modern structure

 Continuous quality improvement periodically audited according international standards

Main customers


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